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The store has been operating in Toronto since 2005.
The store offers a wide selection of the newest Hebrew books, DVD's and CD's,
for infants, toddlers, youth and adults.
Amongst our books you can find original Israeli literature,Hebrew literature translated to English and English literature translated to Hebrew.
We stock Israeli magazines and cookbooks.
Any item not stocked can be ordered and will arrive within 3 weeks. 
Sigal Books offers a friendly, professional advice in selecting the perfect books for you, your family and friends.     
If you have any question or need any help please do not hesitate to contact me by phone 416-887-8132 or through our website.

Nimrod Flip Out - Etgar Keret
The Lover - Yehoshua A.B
Tale Of Love And Darkness - Amos Oz
Ode To Joy - Shifra Horn
Late Divorce - Yehoshua A.B
And the Rat Laughed is a unique book. Unlike other Holocaust-related books that focus on the historical ...
Kneller's Happy Campers - Etgar Keret
Kneller's Happy Campers is a strange, dark but funny tale set in a world very much like our own but ...
ילי לוין היא רווקה צעירה בתל אביב של קיץ 2011, רגע לפני המחאה החברתית הגדולה. כל האנשים סביבה מזויפים. ...
קיץ 1976. גל חום בלתי נסבל עובר על אנגליה, אבל את תושבי השדרה מטרידה יותר היעלמותה המסתורית של גברת ...